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solo una te da la informacion mas importante de los hispanos en washington www.univisiondc.com las ultimas noticias lo mas sobresaliente de los deportes el reporte del clima los espectaculos mas calientes del area participa en las ultimas promociones y ofertas de la estacion www.univisiondc.com el portal de los latinos en washington . y cómo ven miembro y minorías el trato racial que rezo en estados unidos a un añodelkp de la posi de presidente de acuerdo de un estudio los he hispano aseguran que el son el grupo étnico más discriminado. >>> la encuesta muestra la percepción que hay entre los hispano. >>> según el sondeo a real sociedad hispano se ca considera como el dprup grupo étnicos discriminada incorporado con el 17% que piensa. >>> el 10% de anglo y el 17% de saekt. >>> cuando se trata de mandar a uno a cualquier tipo de trabajo. >>> el trabajo de eerlos er hasta su alivian que el nuestro. >>> yo ha veces he ido a trabajo creen que soy a favor can. >>> no se diferencia. >>> los hispano tienen más posibilidad de creer que se diriminan si nacieron aquí. >>> 48% nacid
--www.ncicap.org-- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good tuesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning. we're glad you're joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's check in first with brian van de graaff. some flurries. nothing to stick. >> in the evening last night, there was a line of light snow showers. anne arundel through calvert county. we saw some lights snow showers. the crews are on standby. they're just a few flurries flying. 27 downtown. 29 in huntingtown. cloudy start today. sunshine through the finish. the sun will shine through. a bit of a breeze. >> it is a breeze on the highway right now. we did have some roadwork overnight, but nothing complicated. we look good south into richmond and north into baltimore on 95. seven between sterling and tysons is a good run. this is the beltway live near fedex field and it is uneventful. we go to top stories now. >> thank you. >>> we are following breaking news out of montgomery county. detectives are on the scene after a man was found
american city. all that plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. the drama is building aheald of what was once considered a relatively undramatic special election to fill the open senate seat that late saturdsenator ted kennedy filled for decades. a rasmussen report released an hour ago shows scott brown closing the gap over democrat martha coakley. it was nine points a week ago. brown leans in the democratic leaning public policy poll taken last week, while coakley was up 15 in a recent boston globe survey. correspondent molly l moll moll reports. >> reporter: a once unthinkable political scenario is developing in massachusetts. once considered a virtual lock for the democrat, relatively unknown republican is mounting a serious challenge within striking distance of victory. >> wants to go back to the bush-cheney policy providing for the -- >> you can run against bush-cheney but i'm scott brown. i drive a truck. >> reporter: the candidates squared off in a contentious final debate last night. republican scott brown
tonight show"? >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> in our top stories, a grand jury is being asked to decide if the white house gate crashers are trust paris -- our trespasses. among those expected to testify are some georgetown stylist. the third suspected gay pressure has not been summoned. >> police are investigating after a man was found dead early this morning in montgomery county. a body was found outside the home on brookville road before 2:00 this morning. we will bring you more on this as soon as we get the details. >> a federal trial is underway in san francisco to see if gay americans have the right to marry. opponents say the ban is unconstitutional. the case is almost certain to end up before the supreme court. >>> it is the end of more than a decade of denials. mark mcgwire and admitted yesterday that steroids helped make him a home run king. he said he used steroids on and off for more than a decade
apoyo a la reforma en una senda reunion celebrada en baltimore... manana le tocara el turno a washington y el jueves la cita sera en richmond, virginia... "van haber grupos diversos como el naacp que es el grupo que representa la comunidad afroamericana, vamos a tener al grupo que representa a la comunidad latina, grupos religiosos, sindicatos, todos nos vamos a reunir para poder pedirle a los legisladores a nivel federal de virginia que queremos que pase una reforma inmigratoria y que vamos apoyar una reforma que legalice y de justicia a nuestra gente trabajadora" estas reuniones forman parte de una amplia estrategia para forzar a los legisladores que apoyen la reforma por los beneficios que representa no solo para los indocumentados, sino tambien para todos los trabajadores y para acelerar la recuperacion economica.., los hispanos son considerados el grupo mas discriminado, y son poco optimistas respecto a las relaciones interraciales el pais... segun una encuesta, un 48- por ciento de hispanos nacidos en el extranjero contestaron que existe mucho o algun nivel de discriminac
with washington and let's move forward with policies that spark the economy. >> reporter: the poll gives the president high marks for handling terrorist threats. 57% of the people surveyed say they approve of the administration's handling of the failed plane bombing on christmas day. >> he is looking in to everything that has to be done and that's what the president of the united states should be doing. if president obama is going to turn those numbers around, even democrats admit he will have to start with the biggest issue here at home. >> this is not seen as president bush's economy but president obama's economy and he needs to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: that's on the agenda in the days ahead. economists warn unemployment could be at 10% for most of the year. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> we have a developing story from u.s. district court in washington. that's are a grand jury is looking in to to the so-called white house party crashers. irwin gomez, the hotel for mrs. is a hi was expected to testify. he was seen leaving the court this morning. salahi and he
knows it. there's some weird tension in the hallways. "morning joe" live from washington starts right now. ♪ ♪ oh you're the best friend >> harry reid is a friend of mine. he has been a stalwart champion of voting rights, civil rights. this is a good man who has always been on the right side of history. for him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to try to make hay out of that makes absolutely no sense. >> okay. >> that makes no sense at all. nothing to see here because people talk that way all the time. if republicans talk that way, i am just dead certain he'd say the same exact thing. >> the president is saying move on. it was about him. i think he can chime in. welcome, everyone, to "morning joe." >> i'll buy that. >> you will? >> no. no. you know what, though? he needs to pass health care. >> and move on? >> that's very important. so they'll pass health care, then perhaps harry will be asked to go back to searchlight, nevada, or wherever he's from. >> well, we'll see how his election goes. it is tus, january 12th. and on the set with us to
saber que estan bien ... " en washington claudia uceda univision un hombre de herndon enfrenta cargos por ::uviolar a una ni de 12 años ::z:::en e::::::::::z prsuntamente habria contactado a la menor a traves de un sitio social de internet... :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: claros esta libre bajo fianza y enfrenta serios cargos en su contra.. las autoridades recuerdan a la comunidad que deben de ejercer ciudado extremen los sitios de socializacion :::::u:::via in::a :::::::::::::::::::de::uadores: menores en busca de ::: oportunidades de e:::ar a ::zs mas vulnerables... el gobernadorelecto de virginia bob mcdonnell, designara a un educador y defensor de las escuelas publicas de opcion, como secretario de educacion del estado una persona cercana al personal de transicion de mdonnell dijo que gerard robison, sera presentado manana como el ultimo de los nombramientos del gabinete del nuevo gobernador actualmente robinson dirige la alianza afroamericana para la opcion a la educacion, un grupo que no lucrativo que aboga por que los padres afroamericanos ten
in and around d.c., the water winding up in their homes starts here. the washington acquestion duct turning up 1 ate million gallons every day. >> it will be safe to dripping. >> he runs the washington aqueduct and is overseeing a big change in how they see the water in the potomac river. >> it's good, however, there would always be bacteria and viruses ithe water. >> reporter: how they kill it is what is about to champ. chlorine gas is used. since it trucked in in containers, theoretically, it would be an attractive target that. ed to build a chlorine bomb. >> it's not available for an accident or criminal activity or someone who interfere with the water supply. >> construction is underway on a new building, what is the difference? for starters, it reduces the opportunity for terrorists to steal or release the gas and is less volatile for workers on site. this may not sound like a big homeland security issue, it is. the water system's sety and security has been on the radar screen for quite some time. >> it's a good thing. >> councilman phil mendelson, the chairman of the public safety committe
, everybody. it is january 1th. there is a live look at the washington monument and the temperature just above 0 degrees which is pretty nice. haven't seen that in a while. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tony perkins as we look towards hopefully better things out there today. we'll see temperatures i think similar to what we had yesterday. we will have gradually ng condi course of this week. as we mentioned yesterday and by the end of the week, upper 40s. let's take a look at what is happening right now. it is not as cold as it was yesterday. current temperature, 31 degrees at reagan national airport. relative humidity, 42%. your winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. we do have clouds in over us as opposed to yesterday morning when we had fairly clear skies. some clouds down to the south and those clouds are going to be continuing to clear out as the morning and the day progress. we'll have a good amount of sunshine for the day today. here is a look
. temperatures near 30 in washington and throughout much of the washington. out in the mountains 20 degrees. upper 20s on the eastern shore. so, a little below freezing most areas but warmer than it has been the last several morning. there were those snow showers and flurries tha came through overnight, not accumulating anywhere. heading off to sea. we still have a little upper level disturbance over the central appalachians that will drift over us later on this morning that may trigger a passing flurry. by noon mid-30s and upper 30s by mid-afternoon with increasing sunshine. sunrise 7:26. sunset at 5:07. partly cloudy to mostly clear tonight. bottom out tomorrow morning near 20 degrees. so, rather cold start tomorrow morning but we will see it to warm to near 40 tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy. then lots of sunshine on thursday with afternoon highs into the mid-40s and morning lows mid-20s and higher on friday. friday we should make it to 50 degrees with morning lows near 30. the weekend is coming up. let's check traffic for this tuesday morning. how is it looking, arcually? >> starting
, this is "washington journal." . . host: today is tuesday, january 12. we begin with a discussion regarding underwater mortgages, according to an article in "the new york times" magazine section 60% of properties in nevada are under water. we want to talk about that and get your thoughts on whether homeowners should be able to walk away from those underwater mortgages. you can also send us messages by e-mail. twitter messages also at this address. you can also send us messages on the our facebook page. let's look at what was written this past weekend on sunday in the new york times magazine. just walk away -- why should underwater homeowners it being any different from banks? the rector says that the president and ceo of the mortgage bankers association recently told the wall street journal that homeowners who default on their mortgages should think about the message they will send to their family, other kids and france. -- and friends. we will read more from that article. we want to find out what you think about this issue. the first call comes from strasbourg, pa. on the line for democrats. -- strou
in washington. he heads the child advocacy institute. we are delighted that you could join us. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is dr. joseph wright. i'm a pediatric emergency physician and the senior vice president at children's national medical center. i had to the child health advocacy institute. i practiced in level one trauma centers for more than 20 years. i was direct witness to the fact that motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of death for 16 to 20-year olds in this country each year. approximately 450,000 teenagers are injured each year. of those killed, approximately 63% of our drivers and 37% are passengers. 2/3 of the passengers who die in car crashes are male. what we have to remember in what we have already heard is that each and every one of these cases represents an individual and family tragedy. lives end and changed forever. as the father of two young men in the highest risk category, i'm not only professionally concerned, but very personally concerned about this on a daily basis. the american academy of pediatrics has a long record of supporting child sa
name in news says good night from "on the record" in washington, d.c.. >> glenn: live from new york. welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight, i've got a few questions. maybe we can answer. one, is there a blueprint that obama is using to transform america? two, who issue issues right? who is us that gives us our rights? the third one is coming danger. is there a coming danger? what is it, and does anybody else see it? we have a lot to cover tonight. c'mon, let's go! >> glenn: hello, america. is it just me or has anyone noticed that marxism is suddenly cool in america? for a while now, people have been wearing the chai t-shirt. i love that, brutal killer on a t-shirt. mao is everyone's famous philosopher and now stallen is someone that oliver stone can empathize with. these were all people that were ruthless, cold blooded killers. mark this down on your calendar if you will. on january 22nd, friday night, a week from this friday, you and your family will learn the true history of che, mao and stalin of who are killers of socialism and communism. what i call the new year, new show.
times," bob baer, former c.i.a. agent, and david ignatius of the "washington post." >> this was the in the minds of the jordanians and the c.i.a. sort of a gold-plated sort. a guy who could get them access to al qaeda in ways they've never seen since 9/11. >> it's going to cause the c.i.a. to pull back, the c.i.a. in afghanistan and iraq is going to second guess every person who knocks on the door. we call these walk ins like this dr. w.a.c. w.a.c.. our intelligence is going to get worse. >> this was a well planned and sule oration. the notion that al qaeda is so much on the run now that it can't operate, it can't hit us which you were hearing over the last year from some intelligence officials have been clearly shown to be wrong. >> rose: we conclude with jason epstein, well-known editor, well-known writer about food. we'll talk about books and food. >> i would sit on the wood box next to the stove to keep warm and watch my grandmother take pies out of the oven and stews and everything she was making and i felt safe and cozy in that situation. the wind was blowing
] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> on tomorrow morning's "washington journal" an update on congress. after that, former republican party chairman ed gillespie and later, juan williams talks about race, politics, and the news. this starts each morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span, and later in the morning, mitch mcconnell along with other gop senators talked to reporters about afghanistan, u.s. foreign policy, and the senate's agenda. that is live at 10:00 a.m. eastern. now the final debate for the open seat formerly held by ted kennedy. the candidates are scott brown and joseph kennedy. this event was held at done edward kennedy institute in boston. independent candidate joe kennedy is not related to senator ted kennedy, who died last summer. >> good evening. i want to welcome all of you to this closing debate among the candidates for next week's elections to the united states senate. tuesday will be a crucial time here in massachusetts. voters will go to the polls and select a person who may well determine the outcome of a long fight over health care legisl
, and certainly open. there's nothing off the table. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in northeast washington outside sven guard high school where students will return to school tomorrow without a mystery being solved about who may have brought a gun in to school today. >> the 3rd period, and police swarm the svenguard high school with overwhelming force. >> a security guard was patrolling the build, the interior of the building, near the second floor near a stairwell. she observed a subject that she described as a black light- skinned male with what appeared to be a handgun protrudeing from his pocket. >> reporter: 500 students were evacuated to the school's sxur fenced in football stadium. >> it's very unusual. you know, there's no evidence yet that the person had the weapon; but at the same time, you've got to take all precautions. >> they just because they check the front doors. people can check the side door and let you know. i mean -- >> there will be additional security added this evening and for the next couple of weeks in and around the school. the circumstances of what happened today are be
and human growth or hormone, he said it was foolish and a mistake. whit johnson is in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the liz continues to grow, that is the number of major league baseball players now admit to go using steroids. but mark mcgwire is a huge name and he kept the secret from not on you his fan, but his family. he's finally taking a crack at setting the record straight. >> i've let a lot of people down. doesn't feel good. >> reporter: the former st. louis card natural admits using anabolic steroids throughout the 90s, including 1998, the year he br baseball's single season home run record. mcgwire insists he took performance enhancing drugs to overcome injuries, not swing the bat harder. >> i was using steroids thinking it was going to help me. it was brought to my attention that it was going to help me heal faster, make my body feel back to normal. >> reporter: mcgwire says he wanted to get this off his chest in 2005 when he was here testifying before a congressional committee. he says he didn't because he wasn't granted immunity. >> i'm no
. the maryland jockey club is paying a washington based firm to collection signatures for the petition drive. they operate laural park and wants the slots operation to be located there instead. a coalition of neighborhood groups is trying to stop slots. >>> there's an easier way to get around downtown, the circulator has officially debuted. shuttle service will be east route between holland, in north south route between pen station and federal hill x. later the circulate tore will -- with harbor east and city hall, the buses are on the routes scheduled to arrive every ten minute. >> >> 5:33, call up indi, 595.24,. >> that's how many miles we will travel, around ten hours, follow your nose straight. here is linda so with how much on the home team out there. >> reporter: if you want to get there faster flying is the better option, hotel rooms are booking fast. we checked with a number of hotels and the message was pretty clear, no availability on game day. but we were able to find rooms further from the stadium. john core began runs a internet based travel company, called magictravelfor you.c
temperature here in washington, 31 degrees. meanwhile, it's been mild out west. there were som records set in the state of washington. there's that overall pattern we've had so much of with the cold air coming in, but as we get later into the week, that will begin to recede to the north, at least the overall jet pattern, here we are in washington, there are the laboring snow flurries for you folks around calbert county into charles county. a little bit of excitement, but that's all it is out to the west. there have been a few more, and still some out of the mountains in west virginia. reports from bob lefler of 50 to 60 inches of snow on the ground in the mountains of west virginia. overnight tonight we'll continue to see that cold air coming in with northwest early winds. later on in the week, high pressure begins to come in, this time if will be moving a little to our south, so eventually we'll see the winds turning into the west, and milder air coming in. not tomorrow, though. temperatures in the mid-30s for highs. maybe a lingering flurry west to northwest. 25 degrees, a bit of a windc
reserve had a great 2009. the washington post calculates the fed made $45 billion last year. as efforts to prop up the economy created the biggest wind fall ever for the central bank. the. >>> we told you yesterday that some chinese manufacturers have been using cadmium in place of lead and now wal-mart pulled it off the shelves because of the dangerous metal content. and they have issued stern warnings and investigations have been launched in to the use of the cadmium instead of lead. >> take one thing away and someone will find something more hazardous and cheap to put in their products. >>> we have a bridge to sell you, seriously. the route 545 bridge in childs, maryland. this goes over little elk creek in cecil county. it is falling short of federal regulations. there is a catch. if you buy it you have to move it. so a regulation build can be built in its place. >>> in four minutes, kristin fisher has the hero central report and in ten minutes, work you could turning you in to a couch potato. why being camped in front of the tv isn't the only health danger. >>> right now a focus on
for "washington examiner". well, he has gotten himself into a fix. >> he says he's not going to talk about it anymore. he said he made a final statement on this. the key moment in this reid affair happened saturday afternoon. right after the news broke. because that was when the white house sent out a statement from the president saying that senator reid made an unfortunate choice of words and he's a good man and president obama supports him and he, president obama considers this matter closed. that sent a signal to democrats everywhere, defend reid. they circled the wagon. senators defended him. and congressional black caucus surrounded him. it's clear democrat are not going to let senator reid go down. >> who should accept at polling? president obama was insulted right? the target of this express target of it. what about african americans in nevada, in the term that is used negro is like where did that come from? you have to go, nobody i've never heard -- it's bizarre. so out of the what? 50s? >> it's a very 1958-ness of it that made it weird. president obama was you can say being the ta
on the federal court in the state of nevada was a -- work i did. >> greta: byron york for the washington examiner. he certainly has gotten himself into a fix. >> he says he's not going to talk about it any more. he says he's made his final statement on this the key moment in this whole reid affair happened saturday afternoon, right after the news broke. that was when the white house sent out a statement from president obama saying that senator reid made that unfortunate choice of words but he's a good man and president obama supports him and he, president obama, considers the matter closed. that sent a signal to democrats everywhere, defend reid. they circled the wagons, the congressional black caucus mostly in the house, has defended him. it is pretty clear that democrats are not going to let senator reid go down because of this converse. >> >> greta: mo -- who was insulted? who should accept the apology president obama was the express target. what about african-americans in nevada? the term used in grow it is like, where did that come from? i mean, you have to go -- i've never -- it is like biz
kidnapped by gang members. >>> additional security officers will be on hand in northeast washington. yesterday, a security officer inside saw what appeared to be a handgun protruding from a man's pants pocket. the students were evacuated to the football stadium but the gun was never found. extra security will be in place for a couple of weeks. >>> virginia state police are in position this morning for operation hov crackdown. in this commuter alert, 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live from i-66 and falls church with the details. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. in a half hour, troopers will be out and about enforcing hov laws here on i-66 i-395 and i- 95 in northern virginia. remember, hov lanes are reserved for vehicles with more than one occupant during rush hour. if you violate hov restrictions, you pay these fines. the first fine is a $125 fine. you pay twice as much the second time you do not comply. there's a $500 fine for your third violation and a fourth offense could get you a stiff penalty of $1,000. so troopers will be stationary an
father traveled to washington to help launch focus driven, a campaign is dedicated to helping and distracted driving. the group will be led by jennifer smith, whose mother died. >> we need to join together to stop this from happening to anyone else we loved. >> ray lahood said the campaign will be modeled after mothers against drunk driving. >> an army of people that will travel the countryside persuading people. >> lawmakers around the country have proposed 200 bills to ban cell phone use while driving. some folks say there is not enough evidence that such laws are effective. >> our experience with highway safety laws is that if laws cannot be enforced over the long run, it will be hard to achieve compliance. >> distracted driving takes lives. >> put the cell phone away and just try purred >> 6 states banned hand-held cell phones. 20 states ban texting. >> baltimore's bid to bring world cup soccer is still alive. today the bid committee announced that fedex field and landover and m and t will be included it for the world cup in 2018 or 2020. baltimore, washington and 16 other
morning, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington. and we're going to begin this hour with harry reid for the second time in three days president obama publicly came to reid's toefs over his racially charged comments about the president's skin color and speaking style. reid has been trying to put the matter to rest. last night the president gave an interview to tv one's roland martin for a prime time special to air on martin luther king day. >> this is a good man who has always been on the right side of history. for him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to try to make hay out of that makes no sense. >> more than a year ago reid told the authors of the book "game change" he liked senator obama's chances of winning the presidency because mr. obama was, quote, light skinned with no negro dialect. yesterday for the first time since those remarks were published, reid spoke about the controversy. >> i have apologized to the president. i have apologized to everyone. i could have used a better choice of words. >> and now senator john ensign no stra
'malley said it would create 1400 new jobs. there is more a reaction in washington to those comments by harry reid about race. president obama chimed in for the first time. we have more. >> rushing to his defense was president obama himself. >> there was nothing mean- spirited in what he had to say. >> the president was interviewed for a special airing on martin luther king day. >> for him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to make hay out of that, makes absolutely no sense. >> republicans called that a judgment problem. >> they have used bad judgment. >> reid said he thought americans could embraced a black candidate, especially one with "light skin." >> i have apologized to the president. >> worse than the words, said some prominent african- americans, is that they are true. >> lighter-skinned blacks are closer in approximating white culture. >> some say the wish president obama would address that head on. no sign that what happened. the average person cares more about fixing health care than aboutr reid's comments years ago. >> hope your doing well. t
admits using steroids during his record- breaking season. is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london, may day in tehran. the mysterious assassination of the leading iranian scientist threatens to complicate relations between the international community and iran. they have accused america and israel of being behind the bomb blast. they also claim that revolutionary groups are involved in the assassination. our to run correspondent joins us here in the studio. -- tehran correspondent joins us in the studio. >> this is a very murky story. it ems there was a bomb explosion in which this scientist died. the first reports were that he was a nuclear scientist. he worked at tehran university. the authorities for very quick to give details and blame the zionists. including western powers. but it has not become clearer since then. i just spoke to someone recently who stated he was not a nuclear physicist and that he came from a different branch of the physics and it was very not likely to be involved in the nuclear program. he may have been a supporter of the opposition. frankly, that is not h
and to provide that for public safety. what we need to see is leadership, here in washington. you have heard or you will hear from the public safety people who say how important this is that we are able to communicate and not just law enforcement to law enforcement but law enforcement talking to fire services to emergency services people. everyone must be able to communicate. they must be able to talk and send data between each other and it's very important that the people in washington, our leaders and elected officials take a leadership position and provide us with the tools so we can make our communities at home safe. >> thank you, chief lane. i introduce chief bob hendricks. >> i represent about 120 chiefs of the major cities across the united states. and the thing i guess that is most important here is to recognize that this is not just about big cities, this is about all of those communities and all can benefit from it. and what we have learned is that because of economist of scale and -- economies of scale and so many factors by allocating this particular brand will allow the patrol p
in the washington bureau with more. good afternoon. good does the white house stand on these transfers? >> thank you jamie. a senior administration official insists that no transfers from guantanamo to saudi arabia will happen in the near term, and what's important for context, this official is saying, this has been their position for some time and it's not related to intense pressure from capitol hill to put these controversial transfers on hold, nor does this official say it's related specifically to fight 253, and what's well documented now is that at least two leaders of al-qaeda in yemen, this is the group that claims responsibility for flight 253, came through the saudi rehab program and then returned to the battlefield, jamie. jamie: quick response from capitol hill, right? >> there was. a short time ago, we got a statement from senator jeff sessions who wrote to the obama administration monthing ago not only about the transfers but the program for the jihad is and the administration has not announced a review of the saudi rehab program or any plans to suspend transfers to the facility, this
were passed in five states first passed in washington ten years ago and we still have too many states that don't have it and only six states enacted laws addressing impaired driving. right now today there are 46 states in the district of columbia that are missing one or more critical of impaired driving laws. ten states telecaption to pass laws restricting text messaging for a total of 15 states with this law and we are looking forward to more states acting to pass this law this year. and as usual there was an attempt to repeal one of the most effective and lifesaving loss. right now we only have 20 states that have this law and there were efforts in 19 states to repeal this law. in fact i want to single out missouri's governor jay nixon who vetoed a repeal measure. missouri has had a motorcycle rider of offer four years. it sailed through the legislature and took a tremendous political courage to be of that bill and he did it and we congratulate him for doing that. our analysis of state traffic safety laws resulted in our usual best and worst list. i think it is amazing that if you d
, as well as the required use of seat belts and motorcycle helmets. the top three, washington, d.c., new jersey and illinois. the worst three state, south dakota, arizona and north dakota. in the past ten years, 40,000 americans were killed and 3.5 million were injured each year in auto accidents. many of the victims are children whose parents are now among the most vocal advocates. >> through basic immaturity and a false sense of invincibility is all too often a deadly combination behind the wheel. >> reporter: nationwide, the economic cost of car crashes is $630 million each day. and $20 billion in the past decade. >> staggering amounts there. thank you. >>> senate majority leader harry reid says he just wants to move on. reid has apologized publicly for his comments about barack obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. the democrat is quoted in a new book as calling candidate obama a light-skinned black man with no neg ro dialect unless he wanted to have one. reid says his apology is the last he'll say about the matter. >> i've apologized to the president, i've apologized to every
by the corruption of washington and the east coast media elite. and that's why you're wearing hip waders. when you're not wearing a cunning valentin yoe frock bought for you by the party. four, aim high. always be advancing to the next level. with enough focus and drive you, too, can go from being a commercial fisher to city council, to mayor, to governor, to candidate for vice president of the united states of america. and here's the great part. if any of those gigs stop advancing you to the next level, just quit. it's not like she swore an oath or -- anywho. embrace the media. then -- this is key -- claim to hate it. here's how it works. you give interviews to the media so you can criticize the media so you can give interviews to the media so you can criticize the media so i can give interviews to the media so you can criticize the media until you finally criticize the media so much you wind up as the media. and then everybody wins. >> you betcha. >> you betcha! >> thank you very much, kent. appreciate it. it's a whole new world. >>> that about does it for us tonight. see you again tomorrow nigh
, it was said on tv 1's washington watch. we're back with willy brown the former mayor of san francisco and the former speaker of the house in california. michelle, i know people have talked to you and you're concerned about it. this is in the book "game change" quote from a conversation between the president and ted kennedy, the late ted kennedy, teddy fumed that clinton, bill clinton had said, quote, a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee. your thoughts? >> i think it is absolutely revolting. this was not the first time that we heard this kind of statement from bill clinton and if anyone is guilty of being close to saying something racist, it's bill clinton. it's almost as if he was thinking that barack obama should be walking up to him and saying, yes, massa, can i get you some coffee? that is a horrendous statement and rather than harping on harry reid who as the president said used some very inartful language, black americans in particular need to think about what bill clinton said and remember that there is a reason that so many people say to black americans th
of washington. who was it that was behind the scenes putting all of this together for him. >> it apparently was ari fleischer. former white house press secretary who apparently had a hand in suggesting what he did. and if you look at the way mcgwire did this, he was very emotional in his interview. but knowing that he dotted all those is, he crossed the ts, it sounds like something that was very, very planned. but the big question is how much he really feels about this, because he admitted he did it because of injuries. he did not say that he wouldn't have been able to accomplish that record if he was not on steroids. >> i thought the maris phone call, the phone call to mrs. maris, that made it more genuine to me than anything else he did. >> it was a classy thing to do. >> and probably the product of the advice from ari fleischer. >> but probably the single toughest phone call he had to make. >> and there's the whole hall of fame question. he has now 24% of the vote. he will need 75% if he's going to get in. that's another question. could it be the timing. >> won't get my vote. >> lindsay
washington with the latest. kimberly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. news 4 was first to tell you about this. lasted friday night, subpoenas were delivered to two local stylists, celebrity stylists, who serviced the salahis the night of the state dinner. we're here in front of the federal courthouse. those two stylists due in mine here. we're expecting them to show up around 11:15 a.m. this morning in their limousine. take a look at erwin gomez. he likes to called a celebrity makeup artist. and also, peggy iocom, she's referred to as a hair artist. they're both called to testify before a federal grand jury that's convened to investigate how michaele and tareq salahi got into the white house and whether or not they lied to government officials. the salahis, we understand, spent six hours in the irwin/gomez salahi and paid almost $250, not with a credit card, but numbers written down on a piece of paper. but they did pay, received hair, makeup, a lot of that time was taken up by the bravo film crews that accompanied them. you can imagine how much discussed about the upcoming st
for members of the washington wizards. today, two more players missed practice to talk wit investigators about the gilbert arenas gun investigation. today, mcgee and miller talked with officers about what they saw in the locker room. seven players have now been questioned along with the head coach. the wizards play at home tonight against the pistons. another game without arenas who was suspended indefinitely by the nba. >>> the miami police officer who killed a tourist from northern virginia has resigned. apparently after failing a drug test. officer adam tabest was involved in the shooting death outside a south beach nightclub last june. he was looking to pick a fight and appeared to have weapons under his shirt. no guns were found at the scene. the officer was also involved in another deadly shooting a few days later but he was cleared of any wrong-doing. >>> montgomery county police are following strong leads in the murder of an 18-year-old overnight. police got a call from the passer-by who discovered the man this morning near brookville road in brookville. investigators say the body had
name in news says good night from "on the record" in washington, d.c.. 2010. i bond ferraro sarah palin is going to be on o'reilly don't. what do you think? captioned by >> bill: "michael waltrip >> big controversy over senator harry reid commenting on "negro dialect and president obama's skin col. >>> i'm michelle obama and i am so excited to talk with you today. >> bill: bet go aheadry for first lady michelle obama to re-enter the political world. thoughts on that. >> what does nbc stand for? >> what is that? >> never believe your contract. >> bill: and is nbc blowing up. the huge corporate embarrassment involving jay leno and conan o'brien. caution you where to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching u tonight. sarah palin signs on with fox news. that is the subject of this evening's talking points. governor palin agreed to do commentary right here on fnc and will begin tomorrow night on "the factor." good news for us as the governor is the more car charismatic political figure in the country right now with the except
fredericksberg. how about a 37 in leonardtown and 36 here in washington. i'll have more details on the forecast. we'll have a nice warming trend and it's hard to believe we could get excited about 50 degrees but it's possible it's out there in the five-day forecast. we'll ve that coming up in just a couple of minutes. allison. >> tucker, thank you. >>> our top story, a deadly discovery rocks a quiet, rural neighborhood. a man's body turned up at the end of a driveway in brookville, maryland. >> sarah simmons is on scene and joins us with today's top story. staira, what is the latest? >> reporter: this happened along brookville road. it's the 4900 block. and the body that they discovered was just at the end of this very long driveway outside of a vacant home, a very rural area that we are standing here near brookville. police were called here at 2:00 a.m. this morning. they discovered a body of a young man who they are now telling us, when they disvered him, that he has trauma to the upper part of his body and that he is possibly if his late teens, maybe his early 20s. police are not going into
in northwest washington, i'm lindsey. >> lindsey, thanks. >> are you guilty of using your cell phone, putting makeup on or eating while you're driving? a new group is hoping to make driving as shameful as getting behind the wheel drunk. the fight against distracted drivers. peg. >> the group is called focus driven. it is similar to mothers against driving. each of the founding members has a personal and compelling reason for their fight. each has lost a loved one, a parent, or a child to a distracted driver. >> look at that beautiful smile. and that beautiful smile and the x-rays of her teeth are what identified her body. >> she was crushed to death in her school bus when it was hit by a distracted driver. >> my truck at approximately 60 miles an hour. >> the driver on the cell phone? >> he was fatigued and by his own admission was distracted by his cell phone. >> alicia is one of the five newfounding board members of focus driven. they have all suffered devastating personal losses at the hands of a distracted driver. >> i don't want to meet anymore victim survivors. i want to meet pe
in washington but for the commonwealth that is still a nice hung of change. i wasn't sure, wasn't any study we would jump up ridership that much, i knew we had to try. this was our best shot. if you look at topography of pennsylvania. this was our best shot to prove a market for high-speed rail and it worked. it worked. sometimes you have to, as mr. skanke said, you have to do it the. >> in it is also about transit oriented development and induced demand and economic activity in this megapolis we refer to in the urban areas that would grow as a result of that infrastructure being in place. that is one of those things. it is hard to measure until it is in place. >> mr. skancke, did you want to talk about reliable ridership issue or comment on this? >> i think we have studied ridership in this country for hundreds of millions of dollars. i didn't say years. hundreds of millions of dollars. and, as i said, we have to stop studying. we know, on all of the amtrak corridors throughout the country, there is a need and a demand. and as fuel prices go up, ridership goes up. as congestion goes up, rider
forgiven harry reid for his jif hand remark and some say that is blatant hypocrisy. brit hume in washington. is blatant hypochris is? >> some of that in the sense that the republicans find the political atmosphere far less forgiving if they make a political comment on race than if democrats and liberals do this. they consider themselves to be friends of african americans and supporters of their aspirations and they think republicans are not. >> bill: i remember the senator lott think well because he was at a party and celebrating strom thurman's birthday and caught up in the moment and try to be complimentary, not thinking that thurman in the good 'ole days was one of the most virulent antiblack people in the senate. but i don't believe in his heart trent lott meant anything derogatory to blacks yet he was slaughtered by the press and the democratic party. i don't believe harry reid meant anything insulting to black americans either. i think he made a comment based on his opinion of how barack obama was presenting himself. what do you say? >> i agree with you about that, bill. and i think i
, on a cool day it looks like in washington, d.c. bill: that's a day where you wear your winter white hat and molly did. we've got this deadly developing story out of iran where a nuclear scientist who publicly backed the country's opposition is now dead t. happened outside his home when a bomb-rigged motorcycle blew up. state media identify the mohammed as masoud ali mohammadi, he was significant, too, a nuclear physics professor at tehran university. before the last year's presidential bid, his name was published among 240 teachers who supported the opposition heard mir hossein mousavi, than government blaming the west for the attack, saying it was carried by an iranian opposition group by israel and the ups. that's here in this "america's newsroom". martha: the u.s. is deny thank a military plane violated its air space, a u.s. diplomat sat down with venezuela's foreign minister, nicholas maduro to discuss this allegation. maduro claimed the u.s. was trying to, quote, provoke some kind of incident, president hugo chavez claims venezuela sent f-16s to escort that plane out. the u.s. sem
pearson at the fdic in washington with the details. hampton, what are they deciding? >> well, larry, just within the hour the fdic board has approved from its staff a notice of advanced proposed rule make in essence to you were talking about. tie, if you will, the premiums that banks are assessed when they pay for their fdi insurance to their compensation structure. in a nutshell, in essence, the riskier the compensation structure, potentially the higher the insurance fees. now this is a controversial proposal even among fdic board members. they had a split vote even to go ahead with just what is now a very sensitive proposal upon. . >> as deposit insurer responsible for managing the sources of the deposit insurance fund, this type of risk valuation is central to our mission and purpose. >> we are there with clearly-identified problems and i think we need to have direct examination and supervision as the federal reserve board process provides and congressional process plainly contemplates. only if that is inadequate should we consider other measures. >> now, here is what the key elements
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